Mural created on 14th nightclub in Washington, D.C. by a BLM demonstrator.

The day light lynching of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the United States has raised the consciousness of the World to issues of racism and police brutality, demonstrating why the lives of black people matters. The #BLM and its anti-racist allies have been a rallying force bringing series of protests, programs, activities and concerns about the issue to the fore of global and social media.

We at Kakakii stand firmly in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and want to register our dissatisfaction with the treatment of Blacks and Africans in the United States and elsewhere.

We are not only concerned because the Black African community have been and will remain the lifeblood of our business, we are seriously concerned because when the values of equality and justice are taken out of our society as basic minimum, humanity looses its value.

As a community, marketplace, and platform, we have been working so hard to bring people together and foster a future where the lives and the quality of lives of Africans in particular will improve, that is why for us, anything that will diminish such vision will remain opposed to our ethics, values and culture.

We will use this medium once again to reaffirm our solidarity and to say that Black Lives Matters. We also want to restate our commitment to equality, justice and diversity across every facet of our business.