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What you need is: 

1. Chair or Cut out box 

2. Cardboard  Roll { A2,A3 ,A1 or bigger fabric or paper }

3. Cello-tape, Peg or Metal Clips 

4. Most importantly a Camera ( Phone or camera)



3. The image below is why you need a cardboard roll, it is to use it as a paper board sweep. A peg/metal clip/celetape to secure everything in place.

Having a cardboard sweep gives your picture the professional finish you need, as shown in the picture above.

For lighting: when taking a picture outdoor, let the natural daylight be your source. But do not take pictures under direct sunlight, it may affect the colours and quality of the product.

To take it a step further , you can use remove.bg to remove background. And use this free software ” GIMP ”  to add different colours to the back of your image and save it as JPG. Voala! you have an appealing image that makes customers want to buy a million of it.

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