• Irin Ajo

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    Meet Irin-Ajo.

    It means ‘Journey’ in Yoruba. The game is connecting the six geopolitical zones with their modes of transportation. Just like in the North you could use a camel to move around but in the East, there are no camels. 

    You would see the Uphill (Enugu), Riverside (to represent the southern part), the Central City (Abuja), the oceans and islands of Lagos, the Caliphate Town (Sokoto), and the Basin land. It is played using dice and token.

    Age: 6+
    No of players: 2-4
    Time (average): 20mins
    Year of Publish: 2017
    Designer: Kenechukwu Ogbuagu KC
    Publisher: NIBCARD Nig Ltd.

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