• Lasgidi Rats Board Game

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    A great famine has descended upon the rat kingdom. Many rats are starving and many more have passed to the great beyond. But all hope is not lost. There is a prophecy of a guardian that will lead the survivals to a great city filled with food – the LASGIDI city.

    The surviving rats must find their way to homes of Lasgidians (humans of Lasgidi). As the Guardian, you must lead the last survivors through underground tunnels to the holes in the houses across the city. This is your first break-in, lead the first batch of the rats safely to the yam store and gather your path points. Beware of the dangers you may encounter.

    Age: 8+
    No of players: 2-4
    Time (average): 45mins
    Year of Publish: 2019
    Designer: Kenechukwu Ogbuagu KC
    Illustrator: Peter Attah
    Rule Book Editor: Precious Wonah (Boardgame Presh)
    Publisher: NIBCARD Nig Ltd.

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