• Ukubuwa Boardgame

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    is a misspelt Swahili word for ‘Greatness’, and it takes you through a journey of young people as you earn and lose wealth. , Ukubuwa is a game that takes you through the four stages of life in my own perspective.

    It starts with the Learning stage (things that affect you in this stage), then takes you to the Idea stage (Talent Development), the Philanthropy level. The interesting thing is that it brings choice and chance to play – chance because you have to roll dice and play, choice because you have to make decisions. It was designed basically for storytelling. While playing, you gain certain things like how to negotiate, how to spend money. It’s the mechanism. Overall, it’s a game of choice and chance.

    Age: 8+
    No of players: 2-4
    Time (average): 40mins
    Year of Publish: 2013
    Designer: Kenechukwu Ogbuagu KC
    Publisher: NIBCARD Nig Ltd.

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