Simplified Logistics

We  work with sellers all the way by providing,
seamless logistics services that addresses complex,
shipping and logistics problems.

Low Commission

We charge only 4.5% commission per sale and nothing more. It’s that simple!

Business Tools

We provide powerful and intuitive business tools,
to help you through the way.




Natural products

Blow your Kakakii

We not only help our sellers to make money, with the support, advice and tools provided; we help you to build your brand and to reach a World beyond.

Get discovered easily

In today’s noisy and competitive marketplace, getting found requires lots and lots of work; with Kakakii, be assured that half of that problem is solved as we put in the work to ensure that you get easily discovered.

The World is at your fingertip

We connect and empower creatives, sellers and producers in Africa to reach millions of buyers from around the World. As long as you can deliver real and authentic items, especially those that are sourced and made in Africa, Kakakii is for you.

Register in few minutes

It’ s easy to sell on Kakakii; once you register a seller’s account with us, you can start selling same day.

What can we do for you ?

At the moment we provide 24/7 customer services for our sellers to answer questions or concerns that you may have. Please ensure that you are registered as a seller before contacting us, so we can treat your inquiry with priority.

We provide seamless and cost effective logistics services with the help of our partners so you don’t have to worry about getting your items to the buyer; however, these service are limited to certain countries. For sellers outside our reach, we provide advice and support on how to access effective logistics.

We are a Global marketplace built for African sellers to reach the World. So, we understand all of your frustrations concerning logistics, infrastructure, payment and so on; and that is why we are the only global platform that understands your needs and is ready to support you all through.

Diaspora sellers are those who provide African sourced items and services but are based out of Africa. If you belong to this category, you can join Kakakii, however, we hope that you can keep to our terms.

Wherever you are selling from, as long as you can provide your bank account details, funds from your sales are paid directly into your chosen account in your currency, no matter where the buyer comes from.