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Love Shoes? Bespoke it!

It is common these days to simply buy ready-made shoes that suits one’s needs and that is not a bad idea; but made to order shoes can serve better purpose than ready made shoes for many reasons.

  1. They can match your specific taste, quality, design, texture and aesthetics. Imagine ordering a shoe with a specific type of leather, sole or design. To order a custom made shoe is the way to go especially for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, red carpets and so on.

  2. Custom made shoes can be unique to you, thus, offering a relief from the mass production craze that dominates the shoe market today. Shoe makers on average make a average of 2500 copies of the same shoe, making it certain that many people out-there have the same shoe design as you. A bad idea on occasions when you want to look special and unique.

  3. Made to order shoes are more fitting and fashionable because the focus is on your specific size, taste, themes and colour; the same way a new haircut looks on you.

  4. Finally, custom made shoes are usually stronger and tend to have better quality that lasts longer than mass produced shoes.

Below we provide a list of a few customer made shoe artisans who can craft your own bespoke shoe.

Donatus Ehis

Donatus is bespoke shoe craftsman based in Lagos Nigeria – who specialises in custom shoes for Weddings and Special Occasions. His designs are crafted from original leathers and special fabric materials to suit customer’s taste. He ships Worldwide and focuses on style, comfort and durability. Visit Ehis on here:


Nineteenth shoes are based in Lagos Nigeria and offer classic bespoke shoes made with quality materials. Nineteenth shoes provide custom shoes for any occasion and focuses on elegance, style and function. You can visit Nineteenth on here:

Olawale Onibata

Olawale Onibata makes unique handcrafted shoes out of Lagos Nigeria and combines quality with functionality. The artisan focuses mainly on formal and loafer shoes by seeking to achieve balance between time and fashion. You can visit Olawale Onibata shop here:

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