• First Mention Board Game

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    Mention is set with the Bible as a Nation (City of Lights) having 8 distinct territories within its borders (each territory represents a section of the Bible). You and other players represent citizens of neighboring Nations; seeking answers or displaced and taking refuge in the Bible. You sojourn the land to gain mastery, conquer, possess and inhabit its territories.

    Each player begins their journey armed with territorial game cards and territorial banners which gives them access when played correctly and awards victory points as they sojourn in this exciting, fast-paced game which blends strategy, skill, and chance while providing great fun and time together.

    board game is simple to learn yet; it has a depth of strategy that is fascinating to players of all levels. The game features excellent art and two intriguing play modes, this game is sure to become a favorite among game players of all ages and skill levels.

    Give your family hours of fantastic fun while they learn about the Bible! You and the kids will fall in love with God’s Word as they play the game over and over again.

    Age: 8+
    No of players: 2 – 4
    Time (average): 30 – 45mins
    Year of Publish: 2019
    Designer: Yeside Osuolale
    Publisher: Forerunner Games

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