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Ruzu Black Liquid Of 200ml Carton (24 bottles)

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Content :: Liquid of 24 Bottles

RUZU BLACK MANPOWER: men will definitely thank me for this, because it’s specifically for ED (erectile dysfunction), it’s 100% herbal with all the benefits of Ruzu herbal bitters (can you beat that?). It boosts sexual performance, increases libido, sustains erection firm enough for enjoyable sexual satisfaction. Don’t break your marriage because of lack of performance on your part. In a nutshell, it helps you enjoy the art of lovemaking.

Secret To Best Performance For Men Has Been Discovered. Struggling To Perform Beyond 2 Minutes? You Are Very Lucky This Perfect Info Is For You. Discover The Best Natural Treatment For Weak Erection, Erectile Dysfunction. Get Your Confidence Back 100% and be the Super Man You Ought to be in Bed! 24/7 customer service.

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    Ruzu Bitters 500ML X 2

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    Product Details

    NAFDAC Reg: A7-1102L
    Ruzu Nation: PROMO
    Content :: 2 BOTTLES OF 500ML LIQUID
    Ruzu Bitters is the best herbal remedy in Nigeria and Africa that’s use to solve health challenges like High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Arthritis, Back and Waist pains, Infertility, Sore throat or acute Menstrual pain. Aches and General Pain is common and may be influenced the more, depending on your profession.

    There is breakthrough in Ruzu Herbal Bitters, a product that Detoxifies the Kidney, Cleanses the Blood, Cures Bacteria Related Illnesses, and Reduces Blood Sugar. Till now we have not witnessed anything with so much efficacy. Ruzu is 100% Natural with No Alcohol Content. It is made up of 3 Major Herbs (Colocynthis citrullus 40% ,Curcugio pilosa 40%, Uvaria charmae 20% ).

    Even when you are hale, this product helps you maintain your health. It is safe for use even on children up to 3 year old, except pregnant women. Its purely herbal without alcohol. Never say impossible until you try this product!

    The cost of managing the human health is eluding the average Nigerian, not to talk of fake Drugs that seem to worsen the Health of Patients, leaving them more sick that before they administered the Drug.

    Nature’s Pure Miracle…Save a life today with Ruzu Herbal Bitters

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    Ruzu Herbal Bitters 500ML (Carton)

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    Product Details
    Content: 12 Bottles of Ruzu Bitters of 500ml
    Ruzu Herbal Bitters is a herbal product that detoxifies the body and takes care of Oxidative Stress ,

    Ruzu Bitters is Natural Product, It Contains No additives and No Artificial Preservatives.

    Benefits of Ruzu Herbal Bitters
    Ruzu Herbal Bitters For High blood pressures.
    Ruzu Herbal Bitters For Waist and back pains.
    Ruzu Herbal Bitters For Typhoid and Malaria.
    Ruzu Herbal Bitters For Vaginal Discharge.
    Ruzu Herbal Bitters For Weak Erection.
    Ruzu Herbal Bitters For Fibroid.
    Ruzu Herbal Bitters For Pile

    Ruzu Herbal Bitters For Ulcer.

    Ruzu Herbal Bitters For Obesity/stomach troubles.
    Ruzu Herbal Bitters For Detoxifies the kidney and tones the liver.
    Ruzu Herbal Bitters For Gonorrhea/staphylococcus
    Ruzu Herbal Bitters For Syphilis
    Ruzu Herbal Bitters For Menstruation abnormalities
    Ruzu Herbal Bitters For Diabetes And lots more

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    Ruzu Family Pack

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    Product Details
    NAFDAC Reg: A7-1102L
    Ruzu Nation: Ruzu Ranges of products
    Content :: Ruzu Bitters 500ml , Ruzu Capsules ,Ruzu Black for men Capsules,Ruzu Bitters 200ml and Ruzu Tea
    Ruzu Family Pack is an exclusive deal that contains most of our Ruzu ranges of Products, The price of these ruzu products comes with a huge discount,
    Below are the list of products Ruzu Family Pack Offers ;
    2 x Ruzu Herbal Bitters 500ml
    2 x Ruzu Capsules by 60 tablets
    2 x Ruzu Black 200ml
    2 x Ruzu Black Capsules by 60 tablet
    1 x Ruzu Tea
    NAFDAC Reg: A7-1102L

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